The Foundations Of The Antichrist’s Arrival [Part 3]

24 May

Architecture & Energy

To understand why things are built the way they are you first have to understand the concept of energy. Several architectural monuments are designed for a specific reason of channeling energy. but none of them can be done without you because the types of actions and rituals that take place within or beneath these monuments decide the type of energy being channeled. Just like everything on earth this can be used for positive or negative.

What are the most significant designs for channeling energy?

Pyramids, octagons and domes. These designs are the most powerful and efficient at channeling energy.

The elite understand this concept very well, Because it is very evident in the way they build their monuments. While mosques, churches and synagogues are structured to channel down positive energy. the elite build monuments to channel down evil energy.

But at the end of the day, it really is a battle of energy. The antichrist can not come until the energy around the globe is at a certain state.

The following shot for building in dubai

Checkered (striped pattern) leading up to the orb

different signs can be observed on top of skyscrapers

-İntersection of planes
-Three Pyramids

And of course…
Burj Dubai
The Tallest Skyscraper in the World

Since the tower passed the 2,300 ft. Mark around 5 months ago, Dubai has been in an almost constant state of mist…

It is now around 2,950 ft tall and counting…

Dubai, which is predominantly desert has now become misty…

No meteorologist can see the connection..

I wonder…

What will happen when THIS city, with its uniquely designed centerpiece is built?

This building will be harnessing its surrounding energy
Of course, one cannot ignore this popular spot…

But only living beings can generate the energy being harnessed.

This stuff is all around you…

And what is being done in these monuments, is the deciding factor for the type of energy being channeled.

If you do your research, you will discover that the most significant monuments on earth are built on the cross points of “Ley Lines”.

Ley Lines reveal the strategic energy points on Earth.

When sacred geometry, ley lines and architecture are synchronized then a “stargate” is created.

Allowing doors to different dimensions to intersect and open.

“It will take a million light years from home.”


“But will it bring you back?”

This star represents the intersection of worlds!!

In the case of the zionists, it represents the evil intersection…

The Obelisk is another very evil and significant Pharoahnic structure, that can also be found all around you!!

  • Egypt
  • Brazil
  • Central Park
  • Washington D.C.
  • The Vatican

All evidence left by the followers of Lucifer, paving the way for the Antichrist…

But no matter how hard they try, by the grace of God, the followers of light will be victorious!!

There is a lot more to this world than what you are fed on T.V.
Show us what you got in your neighborhood…

To be continued inshallah..

Stay Tuned


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